Thursday, 10 May 2012

Renee's 21st Party.

Renee's 21st has been and gone!
Not only did this event mark a big moment in Renee's life, but also marked the first party for Apropos Events.
This post will be full of photos from the night. Then in the next post, a 'how-to' behind some of the best parts of the night.

The Apropos Team

Incredible macaron tower and cake from Jean Pierre Sancho's!

Always have a wide variety of drinks on offer to cater for all your guests!

Some of the teal and white decor.

Teal was an important element of this party as guests were invited to make donations to Ovarian Cancer, which is represented by the teal ribbon.

The all important lolly buffet. Make sure your lolly choices suit the theme and provide containers so guests can take home goody bags! 
Hint: Always buy in bulk!

At important events, leave a note book out so guests can leave the host a message!

Provide entertainment as your events to keep guests entertained.
What about a cocktail table that doubles as a PacMan game table!

Music was provided by the amazing Danni Stefanetti!

A sample of some of the food provided, not shown is an incredible assortment of tapas style dishes!
Hint: at cocktail events, make sure food is easy to eat and not overly messy, don't want any of those lovely dresses ruined!

Father-daughter dance.

A great way of capturing images of your big event is to provide a photo booth. This means there is not someone forced to take photos all night instead of enjoying themselves, it also allows for guests to be creative in candid photos!
They can be hired, or easily set up using a SLR camera and laptop. Most camera's come with software for your computer that include programs that can be used in a photo booth stlye.
Hint: props are a great idea to relax the photos and prevent them looking like your school photos!

A huge thank-you to Kyle Peter for the event photography & Madelyn Clark for the photo booth shots!

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