Friday, 29 June 2012

Planet Fondue

Apropos Events are currently busy planning a Star Wars themed 21st party.
We thought it would be a good idea to share a few D.I.Y. ideas relating to an outer space/ Star Wars theme which you can do at home.

We all know everyone loves a chocolate fondue,

It's a great way for guest to interact and enjoy the food that is on offer all while creating something they specifically like.
However this in itself does not suit the theme.
Therefore we will be taking the traditional chocolate fondue and use doughnut holes instead.

The great thing about using doughnut holes is that once covered in chocolate they resemble planets.
As this is a Star Wars themed party, we will provide dips, sauces and other coverings in order to let guests recreate the planets from the films.

You could use dessicated coconut and white chocolate to recreate Hoth.
Or use dark chocolate then roll it in red sprinkles for Mustafar.

By putting out a selection of colourful sprinkles, a variety of toppings and dark and white chocolate, guests can create and then destroy any planet they wish. 
Provide a few "how to create..." for a few of the planets to trigger their imagination!

The Apropos Team

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Social Media Revolution

Hello all!

We are slowly taking advantage of this wonderful thing called the social media!

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As we slowly work our way through the winter holidays the team here at Apropos have a few events on the horizon we are busy planning, as we go through our own plans, we will share tips and tricks to help you plan your own fantastic events!
We will also be preparing for the official launch of Apropos Events! So keep your eyes peeled, there are exciting things to come!

The Apropos Team

Naomi's Carnival 21st

Step right up ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Naomi's Carnival 21st party. The Apropos Team has been busy creating the perfect atmosphere for this 'all ages' event. It was a fun night had by all, and received many compliments. Here is a collection of photos from the night.

The Apropos Team

A lolly buffet is a must at parties! Here the buffet has been turned into a 'lolly store' to add to the carnival effect. 

To add to the theme, a cake bunting was handmade for the cake. Pieces of coloured foam were cut into triangles and sewn onto some thread. Simple and inexpensive touches can go a long way. Cake from The Cheesecake Shop.

These beautiful vintage, red and white striped paper straws, were a nice decorative touch to add to the carnival atmosphere. Straws can be bought here greenhouse.

In order to keep the younger guests entertained, carnival games were set up such as fishing, can toss and pin the tail on the donkey.  The games proved popular with the adults as well, as it brought back memories of carnivals they have been to in the past. As a tip, make sure that you cater to all the ages attending your party. By providing these simple and inexpensive games the 'littlies 'were able to join in the fun.

 Carnival games were bought at Spotlight.

Setting up a photo booth is a popular choice at parties. It was fun to see everyone joining in, and is a great way to make people feel relaxed at a party as they have an opportunity to get silly. Photo booth props can be bought, however as an inexpensive option they can be handmade instead. Printing templates onto coloured card and laminating them for durability can then be attached to plastic cake pops sticks. Other items such as plastic sunglasses, which can be bought at stores such as Spotlight were used as well.

Thank you to Kyle Peter and Claire Contencin for the event photography