Friday, 29 June 2012

Planet Fondue

Apropos Events are currently busy planning a Star Wars themed 21st party.
We thought it would be a good idea to share a few D.I.Y. ideas relating to an outer space/ Star Wars theme which you can do at home.

We all know everyone loves a chocolate fondue,

It's a great way for guest to interact and enjoy the food that is on offer all while creating something they specifically like.
However this in itself does not suit the theme.
Therefore we will be taking the traditional chocolate fondue and use doughnut holes instead.

The great thing about using doughnut holes is that once covered in chocolate they resemble planets.
As this is a Star Wars themed party, we will provide dips, sauces and other coverings in order to let guests recreate the planets from the films.

You could use dessicated coconut and white chocolate to recreate Hoth.
Or use dark chocolate then roll it in red sprinkles for Mustafar.

By putting out a selection of colourful sprinkles, a variety of toppings and dark and white chocolate, guests can create and then destroy any planet they wish. 
Provide a few "how to create..." for a few of the planets to trigger their imagination!

The Apropos Team

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