Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fruit & Vege Buffet

We have all heard of, and most likely used, the most popular party trend out there at the moment, lolly buffets! While these are a great thing to have at events to make it more interactive and fun, you can't exist solely on lollies.
We know that at parties and events junk food is essential. It's a place where you can loosen up on healthy eating and go for what ever you want. But recently we have noticed people tend to want to eat healthier, especially in spring and summer, and nothing screams health like vegetables, or summer like fresh fruits. 
This is why we are excited to see some of these fresh fruit and vegetable buffets. Instead of providing bowls of salad at a buffet style food setting, lay out the different elements as you would a lolly buffet!

We are excited to try this out at an event during spring or summer, at an afternoon tea, or big BBQ!

Here is a fruit salad bar. It is important to keep the different elements separate not just for aesthetic reasons but also due to allergies. Some people are allergic to strawberries, kiwi, or if your doing a mixed salad or health bar nuts may become an issue. 

A mixed fruit and vegetable buffet is not just good to let people mix and match their own salads, it can be a great way to display dips and the carrots/celery/capsicum used to dip.

Use other fruits and vegetables as added decoration elements to tie the buffet together. 
Here Brussels sprouts have been used to form a garland along the front of the table, and artichokes have been used in the place of flowers in vases. 

Scatter ice around the base of the trays or dishes used as it is important to keep the food fresh for your guests. Use a mix of vase sizes, or event wine or martini glasses to create a multilevel presentation that is interesting to look at.

We love the use of old jars on a wooden board in this smaller vege buffet above, it provides a more country, rustic feel and would look great at a retro, vintage or country themed event.

Looking forward to trying this one out soon!

The Apropos Team

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