Tuesday, 24 July 2012

British Olympic Party

With the British Jubilee celebrations done and dusted it is now time for the London Olympics to begin!  Here are some ideas on how to host the perfect British themed Olympics party, that even the Queen herself would be proud to attend.

The Apropos Team

 Table setting Ideas

 For the daring at heart why not try a flaming cocktail to create your own ‘olympic torch.' Here are some safety tips on how to serve this cocktail: Flame a cocktail

An easy Olympic Cocktail drink idea is to place coloured life savers in the bottom of a wine glass to symbolise the Olympic rings! 

One could of course opt for a traditional roast dinner to fit in with the British theme, however there are some amazing finger food recipes that we have come across, that provides an assortment of different, easy food options. 

Mini fish and chips, served in newspaper cones

Toad in a hole

 Why not end the meal serving your guests tea and an assortment of scones and cake

Tea and Scones

Earl Grey Tea cakes

Here is a great idea on how to make an Olympic torch cupcake! All that needs to be done is to cut the bottom of an icecream cone, dip it into chocolate and cover in your choice of chopped peanuts or gold sprinkles. The flame can be created by cutting up fruit roll ups. Find the recipe here at Party Pinching 

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